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Houston Shaw

Houston Shaw is a graduate from the University of Nevada with a degree in business management. He's a professional shooter and owner/lead instructor at The Shaw Shooting School in Hagerman, Idaho. He's been shooting his whole life and has been instructing for over 6 years. He started teaching at Mid-South Institute of Combat Shooting in 2010 and is a guest instructor there throughout the year. He's worked mostly with United States Special Operations but has also been teaching civilian classes the past 4 years at his Idaho location. He can accommodate his classes for various skill levels from beginner to grand master.

Justin Clark

Justin is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, and the United States Air Force with over 10 years of dedicated real world experience including: a Scout Sniper Platoon Assistant Team Leader, tactical air control party, and combat deployments in the Middle East and around the world. Justin is proficient in small arms, long range reconnaissance, urban operations, armed security, long range communications, close quarters combat, personnel recovery, as well as an avid outdoorsman. Justin is a dedicated, accountable, ambitious and highly motivated leader of professionals; able to maintain focus and production in challenging situations and environments, ensuring mission success in all endeavors.