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Directions to Shaw Shooting from Hagerman:

Head west onto 2700 South from Main Street Hagerman. Keep right while on 2700 South until you get to the big bronze gate. Just beyond the gate on the left is the club house. The classes typically meet at the club house at 9:00am but please refer to your actual course bio for info on the start and meeting place. Some classes regularly meet at the Snake River Grill in town.

The range facility includes over 400 steel targets to be engaged with pistols and high powered rifles. The Shaw Shooting School has the entire 8 stages of the World Pistol Speed Shooting Championships, Bianchi Cup's steel mover and plate racks, as well as the majority of the stages for the Man Vs. Man Grand National Pistol Championships. There are a total of 18 different ranges. The school has steel targets that range from 7 yards to 150 yards. 350 steel targets are for pistol engagement and the other 50 can be engaged with most high-powered rifles. Most of the steel is stationary; however some of the ranges include a pneumatic air system that can bring the targets back to sight once they have been knocked down. The Shaw Shooting School also has a paper range for fundamental accurate shooting.

The Shaw Shooting Facility has 16 sporting clay machines and 2 sporting clay courses for shotgun classes. A single wireless remote can discharge every machine within the 5 acre range.

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