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"Our instructors, including myself, were extremely impressed by all aspects of the facility.  We also found the operation to be professionally managed and exceptionally supervised.  The instruction received was highly professional and our own well-trained instructors came away having learned several new techniques, as well as having reinforced previous learned techniques."

-Mathew Hicks

-Patrol Division Commander, Twin Falls Police

"I have been to multiple shooting and tactical schools both military and civilian.  Shaw Shooting by far, has been the best weapons training I have received.  The mental and physical improvement of my shooting, after only 1 week, was far beyond my exceeded expectation of what I had hoped for.  I highly recommend any type of shooter to attend Shaw Shooting."


-US Army Special Forces


"I wanted to thank you for spending more time on the firing line the first day of your class than the "World Renowned Front Sight Shooting School" did in my whole weekend course.  You were able to correct bad techniques right away that I learned in the two day class at Front Sight in Nevada. Being taught by a world class competition shooter vs. instructors who carried a gun while performing daily work duties makes a huge difference.  For the Front Sight course we drove 22 hours round trip from Sun Valley, Id. and spent $1000.00 each for the two day course and only shot 300 rounds over the two days. At Front Sight we spent 2/3rds. of the time in a classroom hearing legal advice and Front Sight marketing.  With the hotel and travel cost added up, it came to around $2000.00 for the two day class for each of us. I could invite and pay for five friends for $2000.00 and with the other $2000.00 buy all the ammo needed for your course. Hits on target is what matters and you made sure we had those. In a nut shell you showed us and Front Sight told us how it’s done. Keep up the good work."

-Chuck Butler

-353 SOG 

"Houston Shaw runs a first class operation with some of the best shooting instruction I have seen in over 30 years of Military and Law Enforcement."


-US Army Special Forces

"Houston Shaw proved to be a well-versed instructor with the ability to identify problems and provide appropriate correction in a positive manner.  His insights into our indvidual shooting skills were well worth the trip."

-David Frick

-Patrol Sergeant, Twin Falls Police

"I am writing this as a law enforcement firearms and use of force instructor, to which I have been employed for greater than 20 years.  In the course of my career I have shot at numerous firearms ranges, in many different states.  I have also provided instruction to members of my own agency and colleagues from other agencies.  The facilities at Shaw Shooting are nothing short of outstanding.  The range facilities are well designed, safe and provide a wide array of targets, to better provide law enforcement officers greater training opportunities.  In law enforcement, we are not often presented with training opportunities that equal those found at Shaw Shooting."

-Detective Jared Sweesy

-Sniper Team Leader, Idaho State Police Firearms Instructor

"I learned more in the first 4 hours of his class, than I have ever learned with ANY firearms instructor in 20 years of police instruction. (and I have learned from some really good guys / shooters).  After watching me shoot the first time, he identified several fundamental flaws in my shooting.  He was good at identifying and correcting them quickly and professionally.  Another student that was there was a first-time handgun shooter.  At the beginning of the day, his shooting......well, it was awful.  By the end of the day, I would say he would easily qualify in the upper ranks of our department.  My point is; Houston improved my shooting as a veteran of the handgun and took a first time student, in one days time, to shooting like a pro. I am going to pursue additional training from him at my own cost - as I was that impressed."

-Chris Bratt

-Corporal, Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Department

"The range they have constructed is a true asset to our community.  It’s truly "as good as it gets" as far as shooting ranges are concerned.  As a shooting enthusiast and parent I was very impressed with the world class training myself and my boys received.  The environment was clean, professional and very safe.  I would recommend it to anyone.  The level of training is world class and is used by those serving our country all over the world." 

-Forrest Andersen

-Owner/General Manager, Washington Street Pawn

"After 13 years of Special Operations Military experience, this was easily the best pistol and carbine training I have ever received."


-US Army Special Forces

"Shaw Shooting provides a needed service to the community, to the state of Idaho, and to the country as whole by teaching responsible law-abiding citizens how to safely use and handle firearms." 

-Kirt Martin

-Owner & Chef, Snake River Grill

"I make sure to take my team to Houston Shaw once a year for a private training course."

-Detective Jared Sweesy

-Sniper Team Leader, Idaho State Police Firearms Instructor

"The best instruction and facility I have seen doing shooting courses around the country."

-Chad Fowlkes

-Avid Firearms Trainer

"We did a family/guys trip for fun.  We thought we were are all very familiar with shooting and guns but left with more knowledge that we've ever gained in any other hunting/shooting/safety class.  Accuracy and confidence is dramatically improved while safety and observational abilities have been elevated to new levels. Houston provides phenomenal, individual feedback in a positive fashion that really helps you develop performance enhancing skills and technique that are measurable. The content is so good, we changed our travel plans so we could stay an additional day."

-Chuck Crowell

-Business Owner

"My husband Dana and I took your Idaho Enhanced CWP course on March 22, 2015.
I wanted to tell you that it was the most amazing class and very informative.  We thought that we were somewhat familiar with shooting our guns but left your class with a better understanding and knowledge in shooting and the safety that is involved with the guns we handle. I alone have more confidence and my accuracy is a lot better now that I have taken your class.

When people ask me about how the class was my reply is, 'It’s the best class you can take and you will get a lot of information out of it, including how to hold your gun and the importance of safety that is involved on a constant basis.' "

-Carol Hale

-Idaho Enhanced Weapon's Permit Holder

"I have taken a lot of classes with instructors from various backgrounds ranging from competitors, to LE, to high speed mil guys. I say that to say that I found Houston's class to be very informative and well tailored to the students on deck. There were some really great explanations to some tried and proven concepts as well as a few new concepts that I have now added to my technique. The most refreshing part of the class for me was that it wasn't tactical or even defensive in nature or context. It was simply Houston teaching and coaching students to get them shooting faster and more accurately. I 100% recommend a class with Shaw Shooting. You won't be disappointed."

-Daniel Shaw 

-Firearms Instructor of the Year: ThunderBird Tactical, Wichita, KS

-Marine Infantry Unit Leader / Weapons and Tactics Instructor


"I wanted to shoot you a quick thank you for taking the time to teach me how to correctly shoot a pistol.
I learned more in one day at your awesome facility than I have in my lifetime."

-Joe Mckinnon

-Silver Creek Outfitters Manager

"The training we received at Shaw Shooting was the best firearms training we have ever received in or out of the military.  The quality of the instruction, the ranges and the training is phenomenal.  The entire team showed marked improvement in marksmanship, speed, and fundamentals.  I would give Shaw Shooting my highest recommendation to anyone looking for firearms training."


-US Army Special Forces

"From 1986 - 2006 I experienced lots of small arms instructors in the military, and I have to tell you your instructions are the best I've gotten yet.  Great job!"

-Mike Mecredy

-Owner & Bowyer, Maddog Traditional Archery LLC

"I have taken the advanced pistol course with Houston and was very impressed with the level of safety and professionalism.  Houston’s experience and instruction was amazing, with a class of 10 to 15 people, he had total control over all situations."

-Todd Coats

-Owner/General Manager, Triple C Concrete

"The training that I received during my two days at Shaw Shooting School was incomparable to anything available in Canada.  The quality of the courses and exercises that we ran through were beyond anything I could have hoped for and fun to boot."

-Jan Kyrstein

-Canadian Citizen

"Thanks for the excellent instruction!  By far the most applicable shooting lesson I have received in 16 years of LE.  I would like to incorporate the drills we did with the tactical training for my agents in the field."

-William Perkins

-ATF Special Agent 

"My wife and I attended the couples course.  Houston is a remarkable trained shooter with unbelievable talents. He paid attention to everyone in the course and carefully watched and personally instructed every participant. The second day, Houston had his right hand assistant and former Marine...Adrian Preader... assisting in excellent instruction. Every student improved DRAMATICALLY. Great people, great instruction, great shooting course with tons of targets!  The course is well worth the money. I cannot rave enough about Houston! We will be back for the intermediate course and to more advanced courses. Thank you again!!!

-Kim and Stehpanie Jacobson

-Gun Owning Couple

"Houston Shaw is an excellent shooter and instructor.  If you want to learn to shoot correctly for the first time, or improve your skill level..Shaw Shooting should be at the top of your list."

-Main Firearms Instructor

-Wichita Gun Club

"Best firearm instruction I have seen in 13 years of military shooting.  Excellent training in a professional, yet relaxed environment.  The instructors know how to push you to reach new skill levels you never though possible."

-124th ASOS Team Member

"Incredible range and we'll worth any travel and expense to get there! Houston can walk the walk behind the gun which many instructors can't do. Excellent training experience and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Shaw Shooting."

-Matt Schneider

-Owner of Forward Movement Training Center

"I thought I was a decent marksman after 15 years of active duty. Definetly learned alot and it was extremely fun. The learning environment was great and l still practice techniques learned with great results. Thanks Houston, will schedule another class soon."

-TSgt James Butler

-AFSOC-Aircraft Rescue Firefighter

"I took the Enhanced Concealed Weapons training from Shaw Shooting. In a few hours my grip was improved, my trigger pull was improved and my ability to acquire a good grip the first time was vastly improved. The range is amazing, Houston is an amazing shooter and great guy. I live in Utah and am looking forward to taking additional firearm training from Houston."

-Tommy Maras

-Idaho Enhanced CWP Holder

"Most highly effective weapons training I've had in my 19 year TACP career."

-124th ASOS Team Member

"I just wanted to take the time to thank you for a truly awesome experience.  Like you've heard many times, before attending your class, I thought I knew how to handle a gun.  I have been around guns my whole life and enjoy shooting sports and strongly support the 2nd Amendment.  Your expert training really opened my eyes and showed me just how much I didn't even know what I didn't know.  I am shooting much better and safer than I ever was and now I know exactly how and what to practice."

-Tony Reusser

-Life Long Shooter

"This is the best gift I could have ever given myself and others. First time on a shooting range and can't wait to take the next class. Incredible experience and even took my target home because I got to shoot with Houston. Highly recommend to all my friends and family."

-Cindy Pettigrew

-Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapon Permit Holder

"I can speak from personal experience that the training that is accomplished during a week at Shaw Shooting is unparalleled anywhere else."

-Micheal Furman, CMSgt

-124 Air Support Operations Squadron

“Houston’s professionalism, experience, instruction, and tactics make this course an absolute must from office jockeys to operators headed down range!”

-Ryan Miles

-USMC 4th Recon Battalion

"Hands down best instruction as well as technique/principles with pistol I've received. I thoroughly enjoyed and will come back, thanks!"

-SSgt John Butler

-Tactical Air Control Party, USAF

"Last month I graduated from The Montana Law Enforcement Academy, based on their records, the oldest officer to ever successfully complete the Academy. My firearms training from our officers here, as well as you, served me well. I recall two years ago how much I needed to improve. You were very much a part of the incentive that I had to become a better shooter, and I am.  We had five straight days on the range at the Academy in Helena. I ran 1,300 through my P-320 qualifying at the 98% to 100% level."

-Pete Critelli

-Red Lodge Police Department

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